What is ART GYM?

ART GYM is a welcoming space in which to work creatively in community with others.

What do we believe?

  • Working Creatively is vital to human health and happiness

  • Being in actual, not virtual, community with other people is also vital to human health and happiness

  • For the health of the Planet, humans need to use fewer resources

  • Sharing resources can improve the health and happiness of humans and of our planet.

What are people saying about ART GYM?

“Art Gym is a playful, welcoming and supportive creative work (out) space where I can easily stretch my creative muscles. Art Gym provides an exciting variety of opportunities for me to enjoy creative community and connection. It's a neighborhood gem where I can practice creative strength training in a sunlight-filled and spacious studio environment." D.H.



Share the Space

Share the Art

Share the Love

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